Aptitude Testing & Career Guidance for 9th to 12th Students

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Nilesh Gore's Career Aptitude test contains tests of a psychological type. This test help you to select RIGHT career. It has three parts.I believe that the more you know about yourself, the better your career choices are likely to be. In an increasingly competitive world, it seems sensible to know where you want to get to.

Aptitude Tests are designed to see how you would cope to different subjects, to identify your preferred learning style, your abilities profile, and your potential. We conduct both Online Aptitude tests as well as Offline (Paper-Pencil) tests.

Aptitude tests assess a range of mental abilities that you use almost every day.There are several different tests, which uniquely identify your aptitudes and abilities: numerical ability, mechanical ability, reasoning ability, spatial ability, verbal ability and so forth.

Report & Career Counseling

Taking the results into account, we chart a profile that is representative of the student's aptitudes, interests, and personality.

The computerized report consists of a tabular representation of the student's standing on the aptitudes, an explanation of the student's performance, personality assessments, as well as recommendations and suggestions relating to suitable career options. The report will be accompanied by a personal counseling session with the vocational psychologist.

What after an Aptitude Test?
We score, analyze, and interpret the tests to determine your profile. Armed with all this information we talk in depth about your hopes and aspirations. On completion of each aptitude assessment, you will be given a detailed career guidance report and a description of careers, which are suitable to your aptitude abilities, personality profile and your intelligence. We also provide one-to-one counseling and guidance session adapted to your individual needs. The counseling and guidance sessions are accompanied by a parent.

What our Program contains ?

1. Career Assessments Conducted
2. Personality Test
3. EQ and IQ Test
4. Skills Test
5. Career Information
6. psychographic Counseling

Our Career assessment designed to create & develop higher standards in something you do by uncovering, Exploring and determining factors to your professional success. It focuses to eliminate the problem areas in your career or profession.

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